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How do I make registration site for warranty and free download digital books

Register or sign up- username, first and last name, email. Continuing loss of password and fill password.

After the initial registration, all accessed through entering login, fill a username and password only.

How do I make registration site for warranty and free download digital books

Dear Buyer, I’m happy you bought one of our products. Our site is new and our registration process is still in the process of perfecting. Let me guide you through. First you need to sign up as a member. You will find the button on the top right of the screen. Fill in a user name, your email, and name, then click register. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Click on the link and fill in your username. At this point you will not yet have a password so click on “Lost Password” and you will receive another email. Click on the link in your email and you will be asked to fill in your user name again and to make a password. Now you can sign in and view your account. At this point, after we approve you, all eBooks will be free with each purchase of garden tools and warranty will be VALID! Save your user name and password in a secure location so that you can visit again with ease. We are working to make the process more efficient but for now, thanks for your patience.  RY CONSUMER PRODUCTS

After entering the site as a member, click on your library books and there should complete all required details. After examination of the information you submitted, you will receive up to 48 hours of an email stating that the approved books for free. (Price per book will be provided at no cost).

Normally shipping out a few hours after receiving approval from the credit

It depends on the service track that you have on Amazon. PRIME members get the product up to 48 hours after confirmation of payment. Regular members, between 2-14 days depending on location

 PRIME members at no additional charge in the United States. Other members – varies by location

We accept PayPal so you can use PayPal for purchase a product

Once you have purchased a product of our company Amazon (not including returns), you can enter this site registered on the landing page, fill out all the necessary information, and after 24-48 will receive an email, which listed that you can use free library books.

Yes, you can purchase our ebooks from our eBookShop, and pay with paypal.

Buying our products through Amazon, allows you to get a better appreciation of our products through independent review system

You can also sellect color codes via admin theme options

That is some options to demo for you.