Private Garden Design Solutions for Home

Building a home garden for every budget.

If you are looking for a cheap and creative ideas to design a small private garden you came to the right place. In the following article we will try to touch several points and important tips that will help you in the process of garden design.

But first of all, remember to take the process pleasure and relaxation and enjoy your own private green creation.

1.terrain and existing elements


Enjoying the sun

Before you start to turn the soil and shave the existing garden terrain, stop for a moment and look carefully around. Often much cheaper, and true, maintain and upgrade existing elements, rather than evict them and convert them into new elements. Good examples pursuing the walls of the shell garden, there are trails, native vegetation for the land, old trees, and more. If you can preserve them, adapting them to the new vision of garden design often preferable (in terms of maintaining a sensible budget)

2. The private garden entrance to the lobby

When it comes to a small private garden also Perfumery entryway or foyer is very important to select the right plants. First, try to choose the types of pots and plants resistant to local climate (also saves water), and the types of plants that grow at a reasonable pace (very Saves current maintenance costs). In addition, it is important for plants and flowers smelling good smells. There is nothing great from going home wrapped in pleasant flowery scent.

3. Trail access

Flooring type you choose will be affected by even the initial budget, but also the ongoing maintenance costs. For example, a gravel road maintenance is very convenient, as well as, its initial cost will be significantly lower in different stone types are on the market. In addition, a gravel road is also a good solution for securing home vile as you can hear people approaching him.



4. wooden paneling and bamboo

Sometimes, the easiest solution in dealing with unsympathetic neighbors scenic views from the garden of your spots, is hiding. Take a hedge bamboo or wood, wrap your little garden, and let the vines green shell finish time. In such cases, you can even think about tiling surface with a wooden deck and planting deli. All that’s missing now is a little furniture and a nice barbecue area and garden ready.

5. natural lawns

There’s nothing like feeling the grass under bare feet a sunny summer day. On the other hand, it is expensive turf and lawn maintenance is often very expensive (due to the murderous water rates by local authorities). But if you have decided that this is what you want, consult an expert gardener and studied the local varieties that are more suitable dealer. In addition, if you are really not opposed, in principle, also examined the issue of synthetic grass gaining momentum fast. Aesthetic and also very economic in the long run.

6. provision of elements in the garden

Sometimes the perfect solution is the cheapest and elements placed in the garden. Patio furniture set is going in the right spot, the position of special barbecues, and more. Sometimes little things make a big difference.

7. proportions

Especially since it involves the small garden, are critical to maintaining the correct proportions. How do you divide the garden areas to areas structured? What size proportional to the size of the plants in the garden? And some furniture terms compared to the green areas? These are all important questions to answer before you begin the process of designing your dream garden.

8. Trees

Trees undoubtedly make a garden. They help to demarcate the area, providing shade and fruits, and generally contribute back to the environment and the planet. But before you rush to buy and plant, it is very important to test your soil type. Is this rich soil, sandy soil or clay soil sealed? Also, what type of trees you want. All seasons? Perry providers? Carefully consider all the details before buying.



9. Sometimes actually a combination of several different styles produces a breathtaking mix. Old walls exposed silicate alongside modern garden furniture, cactus garden, wrapped in tropical fruit trees, classical European garden with elements of Japanese garden of stones …. the options are endless. Let his imagination and go to the garden!

10. Keep it simple

If you want peace of mind in the long term, and reasonable maintenance costs, kept things simple in design. Avoid plants too subtle, complex electrical elements, and basically anything exposed to increased wear and tear, and many breakdowns.