How to create a beautiful garden at low cost

How do you begin to build a garden with no experience and no knowledge. Construction and gardening requires a lot of knowledge indeed, yet possible to start what we want to grow and where each plant will be located. Even if you do not know much unmistakable while learning and enjoying the way. In contrast garden design can be easy and fun and by leveraging the accessories you could create a great garden can be low cost. Here are some tips to start.


Utilizing walls and spaces

You do not have a pergola expensive or fancy balcony to shape the structure of the garden. One can also take advantage of holes in the wall, small spaces that exist naturally in the garden area where you can plant colorful foliage. Alternatively ugly wall can make a great pillow vegetation.


Existing flooring or natural?

If garden paving ruining the overall look Try installing parquet or carpet special. If you do not take advantage of the ground floors and carpets of flowers planted. It is also possible to fill with gravel or stone slabs.


You do not have luxury garden furniture

Instead elegant garden furniture is not always going to the ravages of winter, did you crap day and collected second-hand furniture can be used in the garden. Re-upholstery or paint can do wonders to create great eclectic garden.


 What about lighting?

Garden lighting can also be beyond the budget some design your garden. If you do not have pets or small children, candles are a great solution for garden lighting. Colored candles of different sizes can make your garden look great. One can also cover them in an old lamp.

And what color flowers?

The decision to choose the colors of flowers can do wonders for garden design. If you go to one color in different shades, choose furniture contrasting color. If you go on the color spectrum Arrange them so contrasting colors will be on opposite ends.